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  • Barista Skills for First Job


    Gain the knowledge and skills for working in a cafe or coffee shop

    • – Gain the foundations in skills and knowledge for coffee
    • – Gain professional barista skills in espresso coffee drinks and using espresso machines properly
    • – Gain service skills to work confidently and competently in a cafe or coffee shop

    Class Size:  6
    Duration: 8 sessions/16.5 hours
    Price: VND 4 million

  • Introduction to Coffee


    Build a strong foundation of coffee knowledge and skills by learning:

    • – Coffee History and Theory
    • – Foundations of Artisan Brewing Techniques
    • – Foundations of Espresso Coffee Drinks

    Class Size: 6
    Duration: 3 sessions/9 hours
    Price: VND 1.4 million

  • Professional Barista: Espresso Coffee Drinks


    Gain the skills, techniques, and knowledge to make espresso coffee drinks in a professional setting by learning how to:

    • – Pull a great espresso shot
    • – Create multiple types of espresso coffee drinks
    • – Make latte art

    Class size: 4
    Duration: 5 sessions/10.5 hours
    Price: VND 2.8 million

  • Professional Barista: Artisan Brewing


    Gain skills, techniques, and knowledge of brewing coffee using professional and artisanal techniques and equipment by learning how to:

    • – Brew coffee using international standards commonly used in coffee shops
    • – Create hot, iced, and cold coffee drinks
    • – Use modern, smart, and traditional coffee brewing equipment

    Class Size: 6
    Duration: 5 sessions/9 hours
    Price: VND 2 million

  • Professional Barista: Full Course


    A combination of both Professional Barisa: Espresso Coffee Drinks and Professional Barista: Artisanal Brewing in one program.  By taking this course you will gain:

    • – Skills, techniques, and knowledge in both espresso coffee and artisanal brewing
    • – A greater understanding of coffee and coffee flavors
    • – Ability to adjust and create unique flavors in espresso coffee drinks and brewed coffee

    Class Size: 4 people
    Duration: 9 sessions/18.5 hours
    Price: VND 4.4 million