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Terms and Conditions


1.  Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Sieuthicafe.vn!

These Terms and Conditions are applied to the products of the site supplied as per your request. Once you agree upon transaction, you are bound by these Terms and Conditions with following concepts:

  1. “Account” is user’s identification for accessing the site to process orders.
  2. “Membership Customer” is representative of an organization who have registered business license, namely the cafes, outlets, retailers of commodities among which is coffee.
  3. “Member” is individual customer at the site.
  4. “Notification” is e-mail of the site notifying that we have received your orders.
  5. “Customer” is buyer at the site.
  6. “Business day” is days of the week, except for Sunday or holidays in Vietnam.
  7. “Order Confirmation” is that we will send you an e-mail for you to confirm your orders.
  8. “Order” is list of item(s) you wish to buy from the site.
  9. “Guest” is those using the site.

2.  Users

  1. When accessing the site www.sieuthicafe.vn, you apparently agree to our Term and Conditions. We reserve rights to amend or change or add any part at any time. Such changes will immediately be valid as soon as they are published on the site without prior notification. And should you continue using the site after those changes are published, then you apparently agree to such changes. As the result, you are advised to regularly update the site’s information.
  2. Buyers at the site www.sieuthicafe.vn are individuals, or representative(s) of an organization who have full consciousness or under supervision by parents or legal guardian.
  3. These regulations are for you to shop on the site within the set scope.
  4. You are not advised to use any part of the site for business purposes or acting on behalf of a third Party if without written agreement between you and us. Upon your breaches of any terms herein, we will terminate your membership without prior notification.
  5. If you wish to use services of the site, you are advised to provide us with your verified information and update possible amendments. You are solely responsible for your account, passwords, and activities on the site. We do not bear any liability for loss or damages due to your failure in complying with the Terms and Conditions herein.
  6. During your registration, we will send you newsletters via e-mail. If you do not wish to receive such e-mails, then click the link at the bottom of the e-mails.

3.  Orders and Prices

  1. Terms of placing order can be amended if necessary and will be published on www.sieuthicafe.vn. In some special extent, customers might be requested to provide further information as confirming the order.
  2. We commit to put up exact specifications and prices of products on the site. The prices on www.sieuthicafe.vn are the official prices.

4.  Contract Processing

  1. Contract is interpreted as the order you place at www.sieuthicafe.vn, When placing order, you are advised to provide correct information and do as instructions to process the order.
  2. After placing order, you will be notified about fees to pay, including VAT and services, if any. Unless there are other regulations, every payment will be made in Vietnam Dong (VND).
  3. You are advised to settle all payments at the time of placing order through one of the methods provided by us. The order is valid since we receive full payment for it and notify you about successful settlement through e-mail.
  4. If you are asked about information of payment card, you must be the holder of the card or such payment account with full rights of use. Such card or account must have enough money to pay. We reserve rights to verify your payment information before delivering products.
  5. As placing orders on the site, you apparently agree to these Terms and Conditions herein. Therefore, you are advised to review Terms and Conditions before placing orders.
  6. The order is formed and we are supposed to deliver products upon acceptance of your order. Such acceptance will be notified you through e-mail under the name “Order Confirmation” stating that we have accepted your orders. Order Confirmation is valid if only it is sent by us. If we not yet verify the order, we have rights to reject your order and return all payments for such order to you.
  7. If you wish to change your order placed at www.sieuthicafe.vn, please contact and provide us with code of the order for us to adjust the order at your request.
  8. All prices put up on the site are fixed, but the value of your order must be verified by us because it is a part of acceptance procedures for the order. If value of the order changes before we accept the order, we will contact you to make sure if you wish to proceed the order at the amended prices.
  9. The order will only adjust the items we have verified through Order Confirmation e-mail. We will not deliver any items until we have sent Order Confirmation e-mail for the items included.

5.  Delivery

  1. Products will be delivered to the address you provide in the order.
  2. You can choose either fast delivery or normal delivery. For further information about delivery fee, please see Delivery Policy.
  3. Products will be delivered in the period that is already stated at the time of placing order (or will be updated in the Order Confirmation e-mail); we will not be able to define the time of delivery exactly. We always try to deliver at the soonest upon location and delivery option you select.
  4. You can appoint the recipient, and you are responsible for any potential issues after the items are delivered to the said recipient.
  5. We will notify you if there might be delays in delivery, and we are not responsible for any loss, debts, expenses, damages, or potential fees due to delayed delivery.
  6. Upon receiving the ordered items, you are advised to carefully check before verifying. After you verify the items, we will bear any responsibilities, except for defects by the producer. You are also advised to retain receipt and documentations related to the products to refer in case of claiming.
  7. There would be some locations where we cannot deliver your orders. In such event, we will notify you through contact information you provide and recommend termination of the order or deliver to another location as your wish.
  8. Packaging of our products are glued or printed with labels under standard of us.
  9. You are advised to handle carefully so as not to damage the items, especially opening packaging with sharp tools.
  10. You are advised to ensure you are ready to receive deliveries, without any delays, at any appropriate time we propose.
  11. If you are not available to receive deliveries, you are advised to appoint another to receive on your behalf or we will contact you to finalize options and time for re-delivery.
  12. If the delivery is delay by your side without any reasons, you are supposed to pay delivery fee as per our regulations.
  13. You are advised to ensure that the products are suitable for your individual demand and requirements. We do not make sure if the product meets all your individual demands. It is important to learn that every product is at standard quality rather than customized to satisfy every demand of buyers.
  14. You have rights to check the items as your order is delivered to you. You are advised to verify the receipt as an evidence that you have received correct items.

6. Change orders by customer

You will not cancel your order once you have decided to place your order. For more information, please contact the Customer Service Department.

7.  Discount/ Voucher code

  1. You can use discount code to pay for items on the site. One code for each order. For the orders have been verified payment, the discount code is not applicable.
  2. We may send gifts or discount code to you through e-mail; such codes are only used for the site. However, we are not responsible for any errors in the e-mail address or name of the recipient.
  3. If you have voucher or discount code, such voucher can be used by another one and you can transfer all your rights of voucher or discount code to the said person.
  4. In the event of fraudulence, cheating or suspicious violations related to buying discount codes or converting bonus scores of such codes on the site, we reserve all rights to ban your account and/or request another payment method.
  5. We are not responsible for any loss and stealing. Discount codes are valid during the period on the card, only used once and not applied to other promotion programs. Some brand-names will not include in promotion programs.
  6. Discount code is only for items on www.sieuthicafe.vn, not to be converted into cash, and only valid at www.sieuthicafe.vn.
  7. If you buy the items with lower value than discount code’s, the rest value or money will not be returned to you. If the value of discount code is lower than the product’s, you must pay more through other payment methods.

7.  Copyrights and Intellectual Property

  1. We are the owner or, in other words, the registered entity or the one having ownership of the website and documents published thereon. All content of the site is protected by Copyrights Laws, Intellectual Property Laws of Vietnam and international convention.
  2. You are not allowed to utilize any documents from the site for business purposes without consent from us or our authorized personnel.
  3. You can print a copy and download some parts of contents from the site for your convenient reference, or others’ learning, with the only purpose of purchasing, provided that you must clearly indicate the source and originally quote from the link of our site as per regulations of Intellectual Property Laws and Copyright Laws.
  4. You are not allowed to amend any e-docs or e-copies which are printed or downloaded, and you are not allowed to use any sketches, images, films, sounds or any signs of ours for your individual purposes.
  5. If you print, photocopy, or download any parts of the site and violate the Regulations on Users, your rights of accessing the site will be immediately terminated. At this point, you are supposed to return or discard all the copies of documents made by you and indemnify all related potential damages.

8.  Force Majeure

  1. We are not responsible for any violations, obstructions, or delays in processing the orders due to any reasons beyond our control, such as: natural disaster, unavoidable accidents, acts by the third Party (including, but not limited to hackers, suppliers, governments, governmental offices, multi-national offices or local authorities), mutiny, riot, war, enemy, national emergencies, terrorism, smuggling, restriction or imprisoning by the authorities, striking, diseases, fire, explosion, storming, flooding, drought, unfavorable climate conditions, earthquake, machinery or software errors by the third Party, interruption of problems in providing public utilities (including power, telecommunication, internet), insufficient of unable to get the products, material, equipment, or transportation (“Force Majeure”), though such event could be foreseen. In the event of Force Majeure, the delivery of products would be delayed until we return to ordinary operation.
  2. In the event of Force Majeure, either Party can terminate the orders without breaching any contents of the Contract.
  3. In the event there are many orders of the same items where we cannot supply timely, www.sieuthicafe.vn will handle the orders on FIFO (first in first out) basis. We will confirm and deliver your orders upon agreed time.

9. Contact with us:

BLAGU Vietnam Ltd Co.,

Tax code: 0312866443

Add: 108 Tran Hung Dao St, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 01, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Hotline: 0869.367.069 

Email: admin@sieuthicafe.vn 

Representative: Suong Nguyen

Email: suong.nguyen@sieuthicafe.vn

Mobile: (+84) 934.005.224