• Delivery to your home Free of charge

  • Update by email All orders

Method Shipping


Shipping free:

  • Apply only for at Ho Chi Minh City with value over 500,000 vnđ. Receiving  time on 01 working day ( internal city); 1-2 working days ( external) form the confirm order date.
  • Apply for other province in Vietnam, the value order over 2,500,000 vnđ. Receiving time from 2-5 days as follow as the shipping time of parters.

Shipping safe and guarantee goods

  1. We are responsible to process order and delivery products to you as follow as your choice payment and shipping for each commitment order.
  2. Sieuthicafe have guarantee for receiving good to exactly which product in your order in commitment time. In some case, it have mistake or broken by shipment, Sieuthicafe will accept to change new products.
  3. In the case, you have cancel self -willed with any reason or goods is shipping on way, we will don’t accept to cancel. You will be charge by shipping fee and turn back our goods.
  4. With order by preorder as method:
  • Payment by local ATM
  • Transfer by internet banking

Sieuthicafe will be accepted and process order when be received payment. That reason, we hope you will be transfer payment as soon as possible.

5. In some case by irresistible, delivery time will coming be lately with term shipping, Sieuthicafe will have notice to you. If you would like to cancel order, We will refund all of money back and no any charging fee.

Delivery in Vietnam:

  1. Charge on Delivery ( COD) internal Ho Chi Minh City.

Our delivery man will delivery at your place in Ho Chi Minh from 1-2 working days form receiving confirm order.

In the case, You would like to delivery in 24 hour, Price shipping fee have deal with you.

2. Delivery by POST OFFICE:

Now, Our partner shipping is Viettel Post Vietnam – website: viettelpost.com.vn

You can check tracking bill with all information include: shipping time, pick up, delivery and shipping cost with your order.

Each goods with your order, you can choice shipping ways, You will be receiving time from 3-5 days follow as your zone and shipping way.

3. EXPRESS SHIPPING  each zone with province have Express Bus.

  • Phuong Trang Express
  • Thanh Buoi Express
  • Hanh Cafe Express
  • Sinh Cafe Express
  • Nam Phuong Express
  • Dung Nghia Express
  • Or as your require express.

Shipping cost have deal with you.


Accept with DHL Logistics

Goods will delivery by DHL with method shipping zone on receiving time around 3-5 days.

Please notice for us to require shipping cost, or contact with directly DHL Vietnam – website: dhl.com.vn


  1. Internal Vietnam  
Area shipping fee Fee (COD)
Hồ Chí Minh (*) (Order over 500,000VNĐ) Free Free
Hồ Chí Minh (**)  (Order under 500,000VNĐ) 35,000 VNĐ/order Free
Other provinces  (Order over 2,500,000VNĐ) Free Preorder only
Other provinces (***)  (Order under 2,500,000VNĐ) 55,000 vnđ Any order
(*): Shipping free at District 01, 03, 05 with order over 500,000 vnđ. Other Orders all Vietnam with over 2,500,000 vnđ.
(**): 2. External Ho Chi Minh City, Or Order under 500,000 vnđ. 
(***): Zone with other provice, We will be proccessing by Viettelpost Vietnam. 

Note: With order shipping out size  Ho Chi Minh, we only accept pre payment by transfer local ATM.


We apply to follow as account shipping by DHL contract and shipping cost with prepayment.

Thank you!