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At Sieuthicafe.vn, we respect the trust of customers when ordering products and after-sales policies at Sieuthicafe.vn are built on the commitment to protect the interests of consumers so you can rest assured. Shop and experience the service at Sieuthicafe.vn.
Return Policy at Sieuthicafe.vn:Sieuthicafe.vn ensure products sold at Sieuthicafe.vn are new products and 100% genuine. In case of rare products you receive are defective, damaged or not as described, Sieuthicafe.vn committed to protect customers with the following policy and warranty:* This policy applies to most products at Sieuthicafe.vn, except:The order has the product requested for re-payment due to external error but there is a written agreement between the carrier and the customer
Products subject to restrictions.
See more detailed policy for each case

How to transfer products back to Sieuthicafe.vn:

When the request is accepted, Sieuthicafe.vn will send you the free shipping code to Sieuthicafe.vn through more than 20,000 post office Viettelpost, or Bus Express Cargo by email and confirmation.

You have to present the products before delivery (including gifts, accessories attached to the main product) and bring to the post office nearest VIETTELPOST to contact for delivery to Sieuthicafe.vn. You can see the latest post office here.

If you encounter any problems during the use of shipping codes when sending products to Sieuthicafe.vn by mail, or contact Sieuthicafe.vn via hotline 0869.367.069 for quick support.

Sorry, Sieuthicafe.vn does not support shipping fees when you send goods through other shipping units.

Details of return policy:

1. Change product:

Sieuthicafe.vn only change products in the case of defective products not arising from the customer, including the following cases:

Technical error of the product
Broken goods before reaching the customer, delivery wrong product

2. Return the product – refund:

2.1. Payment by customer demand:

In the event that a customer pays the product for personal reasons, the conditions for payment and refund are:

The product is stamped, labeled or sealed by the manufacturer
Products are full accessories, promotional gifts If electronic products, household appliances, electronic accessories are not activated, there is no record data into equipment and not used. Products are not in the Restricted category.

2.2. Payment due to defects not arising from customers:

2.2.1. External error – due to shipping or packing process:

Sieuthicafe.vn will renew 100% if the product is damaged outside in case you respond within 48 hours from the time of receiving the goods successfully.
If there is a written agreement between the carrier and the customer, Sieuthicafe.vn will not support the offset product under all conditions.
In case the product is damaged outside, Sieuthicafe.vn will reject all requests to pay products if you notify product defects after 48 hours.

2.2.2. Manufacturing error – provided by Sieuthicafe.com or its suppliers:

Request time:

Within 7 days of successful delivery of Sieuthicafe.vn, Sieuthicafe.vn will support product innovation or 100% refund.
2.3. Refunds and processing fees:

2.3.1. Refund method:

Assist in priority order:

Refund via Sieuthicafe.vn account, refund to your Sieuthicafe.vn account within 24 hours with Sieuthicafe.vn value of the product value. Customers can use Sieuthicafe.vn to continue buying other products at Sieuthicafe.vn.
Reimbursement via bank account: 1-2 business days.
2.3.2. Processing fee:

Except for the case of non-fee refund mentioned above, Sieuthicafe.vn will collect the processing fee on each product that customers wish to pay according to the following formula:

Products worth less than 500,000 VND: processing fee of 20,000 VND.
Products worth over 500,000 VND: processing fee 10%.

3. Warranty:

3.1. Product warranty conditions:

The product is in warranty
The product is not damaged by the use process
The product is stamped, warranty and qualified by the supplier
3.2. How to get warranty:

If the product is damaged within 7 days of receiving the product from the shipping staff, customers can send goods to Sieuthicafe.vn to exchange new products.
If after 7 days since Sieuthicafe.vn delivery successfully, the warranty period will depend on the time of the Supplier, you can guarantee the original supplier to save time. Time and convenience in the process of tracking the warranty. If you still have the need to send goods to Sieuthicafe.vn warranty, you can contact Sieuthicafe.vn for assistance specific processing directions.

Any details or advice should be given on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us:

Working time : 9am – 7pm (Monday- Saturday)

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Tax code: 0312866443 

Address office: 108 Tran Hung Dao st, Pham Ngu Lao ward, District 01, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Hotline: 0869.367.069  (Viber/Whatapp/Zalo/Wechat)

Email: admin@sieuthicafe.vn

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