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Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee Subscriptions |Regular coffee package delivery at Sieuthicafe.vn is a pre-order package with a quantity of coffee suitable for your demands and “taste” and at the time that customers have periodically requested at our system.




When you purchase our website “Coffee Subscriptions” package, as part of the buying and selling process, we acknowledge your personal information:

  • Full name
  • Company name (if any)
  • Country of residence
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Postcode
  • Payment method
  • Delivery schedules

We take guarantee to protect your personal information to avoid situations that affect your privacy information. We are committed to be sure not provide any other third parties with your information history.

The personal information you provide is collected through the website and the forms we use for the purposes of:

  1. Complete your order and provide any other services through the website
  2. Answer your questions and feedback.
  3. Communicate with you, by email or social applications about information about our products and services


We create a long-term package that would like you to save more and never run out of coffee.

Please go to “Coffee Subscriptions” and choose according to taste to make according to your preference
Subscriptions to our subscription package ensure that your coffee volume is periodically sent according to the package you have subscribed to and automatically renewed for the next period. Coffee delivered to you is always guaranteed freshly roasted coffee
You can note down your favorite coffee flavors such as acidity and specific taste. We always choose the right coffee packages from all over the world. Therefore, when choosing the subscriptions package, please note in the note the specific requirements about the coffee bean condition, desired taste to help us serve the perfect coffee possible.


We regret that you would like to cancel your subscriptions. What you need to do When you want to cancel your subscriptions go to details and click “CANCEL” and tell us the reason.
Cancel the package any time you want, just make sure the cancellation takes place 3 days before the next billing term. After canceling this package, there will be no recurring charges anymore, unless you re-register the package.
Immediately after, you cancel, we will send a notice via email or other contact method for you to know the information and confirm Cancel the subscription. Please click “Confirm” if this is definitely canceled. In case, you do not confirm the cancellation, we will continue to renew this next period.


If you have not canceled the “Coffee Subscriptions” package before the payment term, in some cases we have the following refund policy:
In the event that you cancel the package before we ship it, we will refund the payment within 48 hours after we receive your “Confirmation” message. And you must pay 5% of the total order value for you which is the cost of packaging coffee.
In case your goods are in the delivery process, we will refund this order within 48 hours after we receive the returned product. You need to re-order within 1-3 business days. If the time to return the goods we are not responsible for receiving this order. You must pay about 10% of the total order value which is the cost of packaging coffee, other costs incurred and you are fully responsible for the shipping cost.
We do not accept a refund of coffee beans in case of cancellation due to invalid personal reasons. If a refund is required, you will be charged 50% of the total value of the order and shipping costs due to the time of delivery and receipt of goods to change the nature of the coffee.
In the event that you use coffee and do not like the taste and want to return it. We accept a refund if the coffee meets the requirements in item 10. You must pay for the amount of coffee used plus 5% of the cost of delivery and one way shipping cost. We always want you to be happy when enjoying your coffee, so you need to make a detailed note to us so that we deliver your own desired taste.
In case our products have been delivered to you, you can return the goods to us but must bear the full two-way shipping cost. For:
In case of domestic order (for citizens living in Vietnam):
You will be charged 5% of the total order value and two-way shipping costs
In case an order is from abroad (for citizens living abroad):
Because coffee is easily damaged during long distance transport, you want to return it. You must be charged 20% of the total order value and 2-way shipping costs

Requirements when we receive a product back:
To receive the refund, the coffee packages must be completely intact – unused, unused, unmarked, or otherwise marked.
Coffee package must be intact, ground coffee according to your order request, we regret not accepting returns in this case.
Shipping costs are non-refundable.
Refunds will be made within 48 hours from when we receive your returned product
Tell us the reasons for your return on the return slip including: the number of orders purchased and what coffee you want to return and why.
You will bear 5% of the cost of packaging coffee


You are responsible for inspecting the product as soon as you receive it and letting us know if the product has problems during delivery or our fault. Contact us as soon as you notice the product has been lost or in the case of coffee damaged during delivery. We will check and return it to you in the fastest time possible. Please send photos of damaged products so we know in detail. Please contact us via email: admin@sieuthicafe.vn or contact the hotline: (+84) 967.554.598 or (+84) 934.005.224. So that we can quickly deal with you.
Delivery time we will contact you 1 day in advance for convenient delivery.
Shipping costs will vary depending on where you order.
For orders in Domestic (Vietnam) we have a delivery policy in the “delivery method”.
For foreign orders, we will comply with the state’s regulations on shipping and tax.


Payment methods:

We always want to give our customers the best service experience. So we have a number of payment methods for you to choose appropriately:

  • Cash once at the beginning of the period.
  • Transfer by domestic ATM Online.
  • Payment gateway Zalopay (ATM / Visa / Master / JCB)
  • Paypal (Visa / Master / JCB)

If payment cannot be verified, invalid or accepted, your Order may be suspended or canceled. You need to continue to complete all the above issues to proceed “Order”. In the event that you wish to change or update the billing information associated with your account, you can do so at any time by logging in to your account and editing the billing information. .

For any questions regarding the Subscriptions package, please visit the FAQ or the Contact page to answer the problems you are having.


We will update the policy to suit the company’s operations and notices will be sent to you after each system update.


For the best customer service, we are always sincerely welcome your comments on subscriptions package. You can give feedback by email: admin@sieuthicafe.vn so that we can improve service quality and bring the best experience.


Terms and policies are very important to ensure the interests of you and us legally. When you have clicked <Agree>, it means that you have accepted our policy agreements and are legally responsible for any dispute. We reserve the right to cancel your orders, if you violate our policies and terms. Therefore, we hope customers please read carefully before accepting this service.

Sincerely thank our customers.